High Sensitivity vs Aspergers Syndrome

by sensitivestorm

Well, what’s the difference?

I really don’t know. I’m asking.

Here’s an email I received from a close friend today that prompted the questions.

“I hope you don’t take what im about to tell you the wrong way but have you realized that sometimes you have moments of somebody with Aspergers? Where your words are hurtful but you didn’t mean it to be and for others that don’t know u really well might think that you have no empathy for how others might feel with your hard words…”

I had a therapist {and a handful of friends} tell me she thinks I am on the spectrum. What’s the “spectrum” you ask? Well, it isn’t Skittles. It’s not the rainbow of flavors. It isn’t a spectrum of color. It isn’t a Florence and The Machine Song. It’s an autism spectrum. Now, I know there are a lot of people out there that are more knowledgeable about the subject than I am but well, this is my blog and…I do what I want!  Here’s this thing I was asked to take a couple years ago.


168/200? I’ve often wondered how much this effects my life. One question the therapist asked me sticks out in my mind. She asked if I have always felt behind. She went on to explain that as an adult have I noticed everyone around me developing at a seemingly normal pace and did I find myself feeling behind or that I couldn’t catch up or do the things others do. This relates in many areas including moving out of my parents house, having sex, developing relationships, and more.

I am a late bloomer. And I mean, if I plant something this spring it will blossom in a few years. When all of my friends were having sex {at 18} my “boyfriend” was breaking up with me because I wouldn’t kiss him. Noises, weird social things, people, distractions, feeling easily overwhelmed, food allergies, anxiety, having Tourette’s {way worse when I was younger but I still have tics that are made worse with caffeine & sugar intake}, sleep issues, coming across as rude or hurtful {that’s what they tell me}, clumsiness, issues with people touching me, rituals I do, visual preference, high intelligence *wink wink* my intense obsession with astrology and numbers and the way I am proud of myself for remembering to say “thank you for sharing that” or “hi, how are you” when I place a phone call {which I usually refrain from doing} instead of just  jumping into the reason I called. {Aint nobody got time for small talk}

I could sit and list all the things that could possibly give me a diagnosis of Aspergers but my intention isn’t to convince you {or myself} I have it or not. I really want to create a dialogue that discusses fundamental differences between the trait of high sensitivity vs autism. Has anyone done any research on the topic or have any  personal experiences they can share that will possibly help shed light on what I’m asking? Do any of you who identify as sensitive also have a diagnosis of Autism?