by sensitivestorm


Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you believe there is one person for each of us? Do you believe in the concept of a Twin Soul?

I don’t.

Not anymore. I think we have several “soulmates” and I’m mad at Disney and metaphysics for making me believe otherwise.

People are miserable.

Why are people miserable? Why can’t we be honest with each other? Why can’t we handle the truth? Why can’t we accept each other? Where does the concept of a “soulmate” derive from and why do we continue to look for The One person that we think will unlock the key to our very soul?

I mean, does that even exist? What fantasyland are we living in?

Romantic relationships usually start out great and gain speed quickly. We have fun exploring each other. We learn what the other likes, what they dislike. We learn what we like together and we learn our differences. We crave one another. We sing songs about it. We write poems about it. We savor every smell, every moment as if it were our last. We never want them to end. We fall in love. We savor it. But something happens…everything changes.


do things just eventually expire when it’s time?

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