by sensitivestorm

*the other title for this blog is:  You Never Have to Go to a Psychic Again*

 Part I: Pay Attention

I hear people asking where God is. I hear people asking others what they should do about a situation. People pay hundreds of dollars to see psychics. We don’t trust ourselves. We can’t hear what the truth is telling us because we aren’t listening. I’m saying don’t pay the psychic and don’t ask your friend. The messages are there. You just need to learn how to listen a little better.

The Universe is constantly giving us messages.  If anyone gets this it’s movie director & producer M. Night Shymalan.  Here are a few quotes from one of his movies, Lady In the Water.

“I’ll miss your faces. Oh, they reminded me of God.”

“Man thinks they are each alone in this world. It is not true. You are all connected. One act can one day affect all.”

and here’s my favorite:

“Once, man and those in the water were linked. They inspired us. They spoke of the future. Man listened and it became real. But man does not listen very well. Man’s need to own everything led him deeper into land. The magic world of the ones that lived in the ocean… and the world of men… separated. Through the centuries, their world and all the inhabitants of it… stopped trying. The world of man became more violent. War upon war played out, as there were no guides to listen to. Now those in the water are trying again… trying to reach us. A handful of their precious young ones have been sent into the world of man. They are brought in the dead of night… to where man lives. They need only be glimpsed… and the awakening of man will happen. But their enemies roam the land. There are laws that are meant to keep the young ones safe… but they are sent at great risk to their lives. Many… do not return. Yet still they try… try to help man. But man has forgotten how to listen…”

I think we come across “messengers” daily but we can’t hear because we are to concerned with where we are going, the time, the text message we are responding to, email, phone calls, where to go for lunch, where to park, what to do this weekend…you see, we are listening, just to the wrong things. Important messages are subtle (unless there is imminent danger) and if you aren’t paying attention you can miss some really important stuff.

Another reason we may not listen to our intuition is mental fatigue.  Check out this scenario…you are getting on a plane and your mind is chattering away, as usual, with worst case scenarios about crashing, not making the flight, the flight getting delayed, the person beside you being loud & obnoxious, etc.  Beneath all of that chatter there was something telling you the entire time that you really shouldn’t have gotten on the plane (or take that new job, or drive that way home, or let your kid go to that party, etc.) but you didn’t hear it because your mind was very busy creating and planning out false scenarios.  This is an example that can be applied to anything.  The main point here is if we do not keep our minds clear of clutter we will not be able to hear the real messages.


Part II: The Lecture

Intuition isn’t generally rational.  I think it’s pretty easy to listen to your intutive messages and here’s how I do it. 3 simple steps

1. Disconnect. You have to be still to be able to hear the messages you are receiving.  You can’t hear what’s happening when you are checking your email, iPod, iPhone, Facebook, Googling something, and watching a movie at the same time (which is generally what I do). If you are trying to determine your next move you should be still and be quiet.  Listen to what the silence is telling you. Turn on things that make you feel and turn off the things that help you tune out. You know what your distractions are. Go sit with trees. Go for a walk without headphones. Run. Go to the beach. Take a time out.

2. Discover how you “hear”.  Do you get “gut” feelings?  Do you “sense” things? Do you get flashes of insight that come out of nowhere?  Do you see repetitive numbers such as “11:11″ or “222″ or “1010″?  What do you dream?  Do you sit in church and feel like God is speaking only to you?  Does music move you to the point where you are able to have flashes of insight telling you to make some changes?  Is your body giving you messages by being in pain?

3. Trust. Trust the messages you are receiving if they keep repeating. Sometimes we will have a quick flash in our mind out of nowhere that says “call so and so” or “don’t take this way home” and I think we should ALWAYS listen to those. Most of the time the messages we get are ones that repeat in our heads over and over again. And they are usually for our benefit. I think true guidance never invokes fright and it doesn’t tell us to do harm.

My messages go something like this:

You should really stop smoking. I started after my dad died in April 2011. Heard the message the entire time I was smoking but I didn’t stop until I constantly felt ill after smoking…quit smoking on May 1st, 2012…felt MUCH better

Maybe this environment is making you sick. Moved in with a “friend” and woke up daily with diarrhea (TMI?) Moved out as soon as I could…felt better.

Every time I am around (fill in the blank) I feel drained. (This one is ongoing)

Maybe I should call (fill in the blank) and apologize. (Also ongoing)

Every time I eat at the Olive Garden I get sick. (I stopped eating at several chains because of this message)

I should go back to school. (Done and done)

You should take flaxseed. (This one was weird. Flaxseed? What the hell is that? Started taking it 2 years ago and I LOVE it and take it daily) About a year ago I read something about the blood-type diet. Mine is A. Discovered that the type of eating I’ve always had in the back of my mind (whole foods, no meat) was the one my body was trying to tell me I needed all along. I believe we have the answers to everything within ourselves (if we can discern from ego).

Maybe I should go ahead and start my photography business. Nahhhh. Yessss. Nooooo. Yessss. Ok. (Finally created my website 3 years ago)

You should stop eating meat. (I did, May 1st, 2012…same day I stopped smoking) Feel TONS better. Not sluggish or sick after eating but energized without the crazy low’s.

Don’t take the Prozac anymore. (I stopped taking any and all prescription meds my doctor thought I needed over seven years ago and never looked back) Now I’ve learned different ways to manage anxiety, depression and general distractedness on my own and without medication. (By deep breathing, knowing my limits on caffeine and sugar, and knowing when I am becoming overstimulated) I know a lot of people that still take prescription meds so maybe I’m one of the lucky ones that was able to learn how to manage it sooner than later.


All of those things ^^ are messages are ones I’ve received over my lifetime.


Part II: The End (finally)

Well Carmen, what if my intuition is telling me to run over kittens? Don’t. Hopefully it goes without saying that messages from the Divine are positive and they do not make us feel anxious or fearful. They do not hurt others. They protect you and the people you love. (and if you’re REALLY listening the entire human race and planet) They do not destroy. They do not hurt others.

Look, all I am saying is paying attention is easy. You ALREADY KNOW what needs to be done. All you need to do now is start really listening and trust yourself and you’ll find the answers…