So Now What?

by sensitivestorm

After a bunch of headaches I’m back in Jacksonville. I won’t list all of the headaches because I’m really trying to keep my karma in check. The biggest headache (and saddest) is having to drive my precious little doggy to my mom’s house so she can watch her for a while until I get on my feet. It’s been a week today and it S U C K S. I’ve had her with me for 3 years and now she’s gone. *sadface*

Le sigh

My number one goal is to get my dog back ASAP and since that can only be accomplished by getting a job…getting a job has been temporarily bumped up to the #1 position. I had an interview this week. It’s not my dream job but if it gets me on my own two feet I’m all in. Once I get a job I’ll probably find a roommate. I really like living by myself but eventually that gets old and lonely. Besides, the older I get the more I want to live in a commune and well, there are lots of people there. I should probably get used to one person.

Did I mention that my current abode is 4 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean? When I step outside I can hear the ocean. It’s so beautiful and reassuring. It reminds me that life goes on no matter what and everything is always okay in the end. Plans and ideas have fallen through since I decided to go on this new adventure but somehow it all still seems okay. I’m not very stressed because people around me are supportive. Plus, I’m back driving on bridges, hanging out at old bookstores downtown and watching sunsets over oceans.

IMG_1287This was from our last walk on the beach…for now.