A visit to the museum

by sensitivestorm

Arists use lies to tell the truth ~ Alan Moore

I’m an artist but not an art critic. I like museums but I don’t go each time there’s a new exhibit. I’m more like museum thrifty because most of the time when I end up going it’s because there was free entry. I’m exaggerating a bit (I do like free admission) but I’ve seen some wonderful museums and viewed some really great exhibits up and down the East coast, including the Smithsonian in Washington DC. That museum was totally overstimulating. Tons of people.

I recently visited the MOCA, or Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, FL because once a month (during ArtWalk) entry is free. The current exhibit is called Slow: Making Time in Photography and Film. The show basically explores time and not necessarily the 1800’s-1900’s but more like time within a photo or video. The main artist that stood out to me was Sam Taylor-Wood. A female artist that’s also a Pisces (oh you know I looked it up AND according to Wikipedia her mother is an astrologer). She’s the one that took the following famous photo.

Wood_bondfamous photo taken by STW

You aren’t supposed to take pictures at museums, right? Do cell phones count? Yeah yeah I know they do but I needed to share this. While I took this photo I was still processing the fact I was watching it and the fact it was filmed. Also, what the heck is up with that peach?

2013-03-06 17.55.22illegal museum photo taken by the not so famous CCP

Everything about this exhibit was creepy. Don’t get me wrong, I love creepy. That’s why I’m sharing. I couldn’t take my eyes off the videos. I actually thought to myself…maybe if I make myself watch this I’ll have a weird dream about it. I didn’t. Yet. There’s still hope!

Here’s the rabbit video. Just remember before you hit play be warned…it’s a bit…creepy. And maybe gross to some folks.

Here’s a not-so-creepy example of her work.  (but still a tad bit creepy)

Isn’t there something about Mute that just makes you feel a tad bit anxious? It’s disturbing somehow…but fascinating? There was another large scale video installation by David Claerbout which basically featured a giant postcard photo of a large tree with some men standing nearby. The only thing that was moving in the photo were the leaves on the tree. My mind wasn’t sure what to make of it. My brain was confused. The same way it was in the strange moving images of the STW exhibit.


Eve Sussman was another part of this fascinatingly weird exhibit. And I just realized where all the creepy music was coming from.

While watching this sloooooooooooow moving picture-video-thing below a little boy who looked to be about 7 walked up to it, looked at me and then to his parents and said “Ew! That’s weird”! And that about describes it. I couldn’t find a video of it but this is the photo that can be purchased. Apparently the artist recorded (on film) this girl (?) getting into position for the photograph and the piece I saw at MOCA was that in extremely slow motion.

artwork_images_425102414_552542_eve-sussmancreepy kid

As I roamed the corridors I surveyed the expressions on people’s faces as they watched the videos for the first time. I allowed myself to be immersed in the emotions I felt surfacing and I remembered the quote about artists using lies to tell the truth. I wonder what truth lies behind the minds of these artists. What they were really saying, what they wanted viewers to know and what they don’t want us to know.

Then I asked myself the same questions and I realized that when I produce a piece of art it’s almost like I’m screaming to be let out.