by sensitivestorm

Tomorrow I am driving home for a photo shoot (3 hours away) and I’m staying for a few days to visit a few people. I get to see my dog! You don’t know how bad I miss her. I try not to think about it because I cry. Last week I woke up from sleep crying. Three times in the same night. I didn’t wake up and then cry, I woke up and I was crying. Here are the three dreams, in order.

1. I got to my mom’s and Chewy wasn’t excited to see me. She just ran off into the yard with the other dogs and I felt like she was upset with me for abandoning her.

2. I dreamt my mother died and my (dead) father was comforting me. In my dream I knew he was dead. I was so confused.

3. I dreamt I got home and Chewy peed on the stairs. When I saw what she had done I was upset and yelled at her. She shrunk down really low, lowered her head and started shaking. I felt so bad that I hadn’t seen her for so long and then I yelled at her.

Horrible horrible dreams. I’m already sad for when I have to leave again. I wonder if I’m projecting my own fear of abandonment onto my relationship with my dog.