3 Ways to Learn About A Person

by sensitivestorm

People will always tell you what’s important to them. You just have to know how to listen. They may not say it with words, but they will say it.

The first thing you can try to do is notice what do they always talk about.

Do they complain a lot or talk about others in a mean, spiteful way?

Do they talk about God?

Do they talk about going out? Drinking? Drugs?

Do they talk a lot about sex? Or maybe even their ex?

There are reasons people talk about what they do. It’s on their mind. You can really tell where someone’s heart lies by just listening closely to what they say.

The second thing you can do is notice what they surround themselves with, including the type of friends they have.

What does it look like inside their home? What do they have hanging on their walls? Do they have ANYthing hanging on their walls? Is their space crowded and messy? Is it colorful? What colors? Are there pictures of family members and friends hanging on the walls? Is the space organized? Is the space empty?

What are their friends like? What do their friends value? Does it align with what you value?

Third thing is, actions speak louder than words.

You can tell much about a person based on their actions.

Example. Some people say “I never have time for anything”. Well, take notice as to what they DO have time for. Because that’s what is important to them. Do they make time for you or do they make excuses?

The small details it could bring you quick insight into who a person is. Also, don’t think that if you point these things out to people they will automatically agree with your analysis. Most people will come up with a reason behind what they have in their possession or the things they talk about. We do these things unconsciously and sometimes people never realize their subconscious motives.

Look beyond the veil.


Test my theory out by looking around in your own environment and being honest with yourself. What do you surround yourself with?

What do you always talk about?

What do you truly value?

What would people say about you?